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Nov 16, 2012 11:00pm EST
someone who just to put the phone down. it can seem like an addiction. at least one california is offeringnter counseling. cops i feel naked if i did not -- >> i feel naked my phone.t have >> i always have my phone with me. >> do you sleep with your phone? >> is next to my pillow every night. >> by phone is always on. checking it for e-mail, facebook. most of us are at least dependent on our smart phone. 74% of people with panic over phone.a >> i definitely needed. the reason they think they the phone hass represent all their d family and the fun things they do. wereuld you say you addicted? >> probably. " some experts say this so- could be a real addiction. checking our than 34gnificantly more day, if that is g with your social relationships, it has become an issue. is becomingink it issue, commit to putting it amount of certain h she also recommend not using it places, likeiate bathroom, church, on a date, or at family dinners. for thecial recognition -- and women who helped bunyan hosted the awards. authors,d was given to business leaders, and athletes. >> we know som
Oct 31, 2012 11:00pm EDT
in -- police say have arrested an escaped prisoner from california who had been loose for 12 years. corrections officials say was taken into custody in fairfax after escaping from a los angeles detention center. history of identity- crimes. authorities say she was still in identity theft and may file additional charges her here as well. >> if you planned to be near dupont circle tomorrow night, officials around the 17th and church streets klaus for the annual high race. flockeds of spectators to 17th street. scheduled for last night, but was rescheduled because of sandy. show will go on tomorrow. halloween was not rescheduled because of sandy. treaters out and about. we caught up with them in northwest washington. you can see it was not just one duess steam. got into the spirit as well. i cannot believe he wanted to be witnessed in that. [laughter] everybody has seen a. it is so nice -- that is his natural hair. is nice everybody is break from this terrible weather. >> it has been nasty around here. when you see what folks have had .o deal with up north a lot of folks said it was not afraid it
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2